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ACell PRP for Women

ACell PRP for Women

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Women account for 40 percent of individuals experiencing hair loss. The impact on emotional well-being can be devastating when repeated attempts to get results using products prove ineffective. The daily effort to hide thinning areas can be frustrating, embarrassing, and a constant worry. ACell PRP provides the best solution for hair loss.

Non-Surgical Solution

ACell + PRP is a non-surgical, stem cell injection treatment for female hair loss. The Stem Cell Injection uses ACell, an FDA approved wound healing powder that when injected into the scalp activates stem cells in hair follicles.

For women, who are often not good candidates for hair transplant surgery, stem cell therapy with ACell hair restoration is a workable option to help thicken hair for easier styling, decrease scalp visibility, and stabilize shedding.

ACell PRP hair restoration Results

Within six months, patients see remarkable improvement in the quality of hair growth in areas where previously the scalp was visible and hair was wispy and thin.

Based on the science behind how ACell treatment works in the body, the hair growth results of an ACell + PRP injection are expected to last for three – five years before starting to diminish. A series of periodic booster injections might be considered for maintenance and continued prevention.

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