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How Zerona Laser Is An Effective Treatment to Get Rid of Excess Fat

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How Zerona Laser Is An Effective Treatment to Get Rid of Excess Fat

You might have exercised and ate rightly but still have that one area of body with stubborn fat that didn’t respond well to all what you have done, or it might be that little fatty area left on your stomach after giving birth. Well, there is no need to worry about it because you’re not alone.

Every year, millions of people in America seek professional help to remove unwanted excess fat from different areas of body, while many of them choose surgical methods that are invasive, painful and requires a lot of recovery time. But it is not necessary to always go under the knife and with advancement in cosmetic procedures; many people are now opting different non-surgical methods of removing stubborn fat deposits. One of these popular and effective non-surgical methods is Zerona Laser, a non-invasive fat removal treatment that was manufactured by Erchonia® and was introduced in American market in 2009.

This method is completely painless, safe and comfortable.

Read more about Zerona Laser treatment for fat reduction and how it helps you to reduce unwanted stubborn fat:

What is Zerona Laser treatment?

It is a non-invasive and safe procedure in which low level laser is used to effectively remove excess fat from waist, thighs and other different areas of the body with no downtime and no recovery time. It is highly workable laser treatment option for those people who want to lose inches but do not want to go for invasive procedure such as liposuction.

What is the procedure and how it works?

Usually, minimum six treatment sessions are required with at least 24 hours apart. During the treatment session, low level or cold laser energy is applied to the targeted area through Zerona system. This laser energy cause the fat to emulsify (liquefy) inside the cell and this liquefied fat then moves out from the cell through a temporary pore formed in cell membrane and is absorbed by the body’s lymphatic system. It results in millions of fat cells get smaller and thus the inches are reduced from the targeted area.

Which areas of the body are treated with Zerona Laser?

The Zerona treatments can be used effectively on any part of the body where localized stubborn fat deposits exist which don’t reduced with diet and exercise. Common treatment areas include waist, thighs and hips while other areas include bra-line fat, upper arms, back fat, buttocks and inner knees.

Who is an ideal candidate for the treatment?

The treatment targets the fat that lies beneath the skin and above the skeletal muscle, called as subcutaneous fat. On the other hand, the fat called visceral fat located below the skeletal muscle doesn’t reduce with only Zerona and requires the candidate to maintain a healthy diet as well. Moreover, if you maintain a healthy lifestyle but would like to reduce body fat and if you are committed to still maintain healthy lifestyle after the treatment then you are an ideal candidate for the treatment.

Remember, make sure to discuss all your health background, any medical condition that you are experiencing and concern questions with the specialist before opting for the treatment.

What benefits you will get with the treatment?

  • Non-invasive method
  • Zero downtime and recovery time
  • Safe and comfortable
  • No side effects
  • No pain and discomfort

Are there any side effects of the treatment?

Fortunately, there are no side effects of the treatment and you will not experience any discomfort during the procedure. There is no swelling, bruising, scarring or bleeding after the procedure.

When will you start seeing the results?

Most patients begin to see the results after 4 treatment sessions but the complete results appear after recommended 6 treatment sessions. In a study conducted by Erchonia®, it has been observed that the patients lost 3.64 inches on an average from waist, thighs and hips.

How long do the results last?

If you want to get the best and long-term results then you should not miss any of the scheduled treatment sessions or appointments and should adopt a healthy lifestyle before, during and after the treatment. You can do this by drinking plenty of water, consume a healthy and balanced diet, increase fiber intake in your diet, avoid the use of alcohol and caffeine and exercise regularly.

How Zerona is different from Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is also a non-surgical method that removes the excess fat deposits by freezing and killing the fat cells. On the other hand, Zerona Laser liquefies and shrinks the fat cells by using a low level laser. Both the latest methods have their unique features and the best way to decide which method is an ideal for you that fulfills your aesthetic goals, is to set up a consultation with the doctor because he/she can help you to take a better decision.

If you are looking for a reputable, accomplished, experienced and trained specialist who can help you to determine the right non-surgical treatment option or if you’ve decided to go for Zerona Laser treatment then Laser Klinic specialists are the highly recommended doctors in New York.

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