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Some Facts You Should Know About SmartLipo Laser Liposuction in NY

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Some Facts You Should Know About SmartLipo Laser Liposuction in NY

Are you worried of excess fat deposits on your neck, face, abdomen, legs, arms and other body areas? You might have tried dieting, exercising and lots of other activities to lose the stubborn fat but all goes in vain. Many of you have considered traditional liposuction which is much ruthless and invasive surgical procedure. Fortunately, we live in 21st century and there are many innovative options emerged. SmartLipo is modernized option available to remove unwanted fat deposits invasively and comfortably.

So, are you thinking to go for SmartLipo?

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If yes, then there are some facts that you should know before opting SmartLipo.

Majority of men and women in New York are getting laser liposuction and it has become a popular treatment option to remove fat from body. It is a minimally invasive laser liposuction procedure in which laser energy is used to melt unwanted fat deposits that are later suctioned from the body. The laser liposuction gives men and women many benefits as compared to other traditional way of liposuction. It gives added benefit of laser skin tightening.

Some facts about SmartLipo Laser Liposuction in NY:

Here we tell you some of the most important facts that you must know before going for SmartLipo treatment:

1-  It helps to remove unwanted stubborn fat:

Stubborn fat

SmartLipo laser liposuction is the safest and effective procedure that removes unwanted stubborn fat from different parts of the body. With the help of laser energy, it melts the accumulated fat and prevents the re-accumulation of removed fat from treated area of the body. It dramatically improves your fat burning capacity. It perfectly sculpts your body. If you are not overweight but still can’t remove stubborn fat from thighs, waist, abdomen, chest, breasts, chin and back even with dieting and exercising then smartLipo is the ideal option for you. Remember, the specialist will consider your desired goals and expectations, assess your medical history then determine a proper treatment plan tailored as per your needs.

2-  It takes few hours and uses local anesthesia:

Local Anesthesia

The procedure of smartLipo uses local anesthesia rather than general anesthesia which is used in traditional liposuction surgery. In the procedure, a small cannula with a laser fiber is inserted in the skin on treated area. The fat cells absorb the laser energy which causes them to melt and they will eventually rupture. These ruptured fat cells when liquefied are suctioned out from the body. The laser energy not only removes the fat deposits but also makes your skin tighten. Moreover, the whole process of SmartLipo takes few hours depending on the treated areas of the body.

3-  It is minimally invasive procedure with short recovery time:

As the treated area is only anesthetized, so you will feel only light pressure during liposuction. Although SmartLipo is a surgical process which is minimal invasive and so you will feel minimal swelling and bruising but this will not be so significant that happens during traditional liposuction surgery.

Secondly, the recovery time is 1-2 days and swelling will go away within few days. Majority of patients see visible results after one month following the treatment, but complete results can take few months.

4-  It is suitable to target small areas:

Small Skin areas

If you want to remove unwanted fat deposits from more detail areas of your body such as curves on chin and cheeks then SmartLipo is the best option for it. It is so because a very small cannula is used in SmartLipo procedure to target detail areas around your face. Small incisions are made on the targeted areas where laser energy destroys the fat cells. The benefit of using small cannula in the procedure is that it reduces tissue disruption presented around the targeted area. You will feel less pain, discomfort and disturbance which will lasts only for few hours.

5-  It tightens the skin:

Skin TIghtening

You might have noticed the loose and sagging skin after having traditional liposuction procedure. Yes, this old method of liposuction removes the unwanted fat but didn’t give you a firm and tighten skin sagged. On the other hand, SmartLipo procedure tightens the skin and makes it firmer. This is due to the reason that laser energy is used in the procedure which will not cause any laxity in the treated skin area. So, you can enjoy tighten skin with a smooth and contoured body. This is an added benefit for SmartLipo which gives it upper hand on the other Liposuction alternatives offered in medical centers in Manhattan.

6-  It has minimal downtime and gives less pain:

You will feel amazed and comfortable immediately after the SmartLipo procedure because it has minimal downtime and it gives very less pain. Even if you had traditional Liposuction Surgery previously then you can feel great after having SmartLipo. After the procedure, you can easily walk yourselves to home and return to the normal activities. Although some of the patients might feel little bruising and swelling but that ends gradually within few days while not hindering the daily activity. There is very less pain in the procedure because of the fact that it used laser, small incisions and local anesthesia.

Contact Laser Klinic experts if you are interested in SmartLipo Laser Liposuction in NY:

It completely depends on your goals, expectations and medical history that whether SmartLipo is the best procedure for you. Some of you prove to be the best candidates for it while some need consultation to reach a final decision. If you’re looking to destroy fat while sculpting the curves then smartLipo laser liposuction is the best method that gives amazing results. Our team of experts at Laser Klinic will work with you and discuss your expectations and goals with personalized care. This determines whether it is the right procedure for you. For free consultation in New York, Manhattan and Long Island, call us on (866)-Get-Laser (1-866-438-5273).

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