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How Can You Get Rid Of Your Unwanted Tattoo

Majority of people dislike their tattoo and want to get rid of it. There are different reasons why people want to remove their tattoo. They might not be satisfied with their decision and simply regret having it.

Fortunately, for all those who want to remove tattoo, laser tattoo removal is a procedure that removes the unwanted tattoo giving you the desired results. This advanced technology is non-surgical, safeeffective and gives long-term visible results. With this new method of tattoo removal, you can have tattoos only as a temporary mark rather a permanent marked statement.

According to a recent study, around 30% people in United States got at least one tattoo. Among these, 25% starts regretting it. Here we give an overview of laser tattoo removal procedure.

Procedure of removing tattoo with lasers:

The high intensity parallel light through lasers emits energy into the skin. The ink of tattoo absorbs the light which causes the ink to break into small particles. The body’s lymphatic system carried off these small particles. As the black colored tattoo absorbs all laser wavelengths so it becomes easy to remove it. While, the other colors can be removed through selected wavelengths and so selected lasers are used respectively for each pigment. Only a trained professional expert can deeply evaluate the tattoo and then devise the further process accordingly. The treatment sessions depend on your age, size and color of the tattoo. The color of your skin and the depth of pigment also affect the process of removal.

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Here is the general guideline of what you can expect during the treatment session:
  1. The doctor gives protective eye glasses to the patient.
  2. Before the procedure, the specialist may give topical anesthesia cream to the patient to numb the tattoo area.
  3. After that, the specialist tests a small portion of the skin in order to check the reaction to laser. This helps him to determine the appropriate laser energy for removal.
  4. Then, the doctor uses the device to pass pulses of laser energy through top layers of the skin which are then absorbed by the tattoo pigment. Small tattoos require few pulses while large tattoos require more pulses.
  5. Immediately after the procedure, ice packs should be used on treated area. The doctor gives antibiotic cream and bandage to cover the area. Make sure to cover the area with sunblock when going outside.

Number of treatments:

There are various factors that determine the number of treatments a patient should require to remove the tattoo. Firstly, the number of ink colors. Each ink color requires separate laser energy for absorption and removal, so more than one treatment sessions needed to treat every ink color. The second factor is the density of the ink placed on the skin. Another factor is the difference between skin and tattoo. For example, if the skin color is dark and tattoo is of light color then it becomes difficult to remove it. Some other factors are age of the patient and size of the tattoo.

Results of the procedure:

The tattoo removal through lasers gives excellent results. The patient feels better after getting this treatment. Several treatment sessions require achieving the desired results. With each session, the tattoo gradually diminishes. It may happen that your tattoo becomes darker after first session but it’s normal. Make sure to be patient and carefully follow the advice of the doctor to get the effective results.

Before                                                                After

Laser Tattoo Removal

Safe procedure:

It is a safe procedure. Some patients may feel uncomfortable during the procedure. They get the feeling of rubber band snap during procedure but for this, the doctor gives them topical anesthesia that numbs the area.

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The experienced and trained cosmetic surgeons at Laser Klinic discusses your goals, review your skin and the tattoo and then devise the best treatment plan tailored according to your needs. The treatment plan gives the finest results.

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