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10 Things You Need To Know Before Opting For Best Laser Hair Removal in NYC

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10 Things You Need To Know Before Opting For Best Laser Hair Removal in NYC

We all are facing the same problems of getting our unwanted hair removed through traditional methods like waxing, shaving or creams. We all feel that pain and irritation. You don’t want to wake up earlier in the morning only for shaving or waxing because it’s been few days and your legs start looking like Amazon. Shaving and waxing are more annoying than anything else. You might feel that uncomfortable prickle when you are wearing jeans and haven’t shaved.

Are you looking for a magical device that permanently removes unwanted hair? Laser treatment can be the perfect solution for all your problems. The cosmetic laser and skin care treatment experts at Laser Klinic offer best Laser Hair Removal treatment in New York.

10 Things You Need To Know Before Opting For Best Laser Hair Removal:

Our Board Certified cosmetic laser expert recommends the most important 10 things that you need to know before opting for laser treatment:

1-  Does laser therapy actually work?

In the procedure of laser hair removal, a cosmetic laser is used that has settings adjusted according to type of skin and hair. The laser light passes through skin and converts into heat, which is absorbed by the dark pigment presents in hair follicle. This heat damages the hair follicle inhibiting the hair growth.

2-  Avoid sun exposure before the appointment:

Avoid the sun exposure at least 4 weeks prior the treatment. It is so because you cannot get the treatment if you are sun burned or you have tan. Summers are not proper time for getting laser treatment. Majority of people get the treatment in winters, so that they can have hair-free skin by summers.

3-  Make sure to shave the area you are getting treatment:

Make sure that you have shaved the specific area a day before your treatment. The laser treatment doesn’t require unwanted hair grow on the areas. Secondly, avoid the laser treatment if you have recently got waxing because it is necessary that hair follicle must be there to target by laser.

4-  Test patch on skin at the first appointment:

As we have different types of skin, so they react differently to laser therapy. At the first appointment, the doctor will take a small test patch test on your skin. This helps to know whether your skin shows any discoloration, scarring or pigment problems.

5-  Laser Hair Removal takes 20 minutes to 1 hour:

The time of the treatment depends on the area you want to treat. The normal time is 20 minutes to 1 hour. Normally underarms and bikini line takes less time but legs, arms and back can take much time.

6-  Avoid Laser Hair Removal treatment near the eyes:

The lasers are extremely dangerous around the eyes. That is the reason; the experts will provide you eye protection glasses to wear during the treatment. You should also wear these eye protection glasses.

7-  Avoid to go for full body laser hair removal:

It is not possible that you get full body laser treatment in one appointment session. Our body must safely absorb only a certain amount of cosmetic laser light in each session. If you want full body laser treatment then you can discuss your goals with the specialist and follow the recommendations.

8-  Be consistent, if you want to see long-term optimal results:

Most of the laser hair removal procedure requires 3-6 sessions but if you want long-term optimal results, you should remain consistent. These optimal results depend on various factors, includes hair thickness, treatment area and hair growth cycle. Different hairs grow at different times and so the suitable number of sessions will be recommend by your specialist.

9-  Avoid waxing or plucking after the treatment:

You should avoid waxing or plucking after the laser treatment because this can cause disturbance in the treatment. It is necessary that your unwanted hair fall out on their own giving you the best results.

10-  Is laser treatment safe?

Yes, laser treatment is the safe and effective treatment that gives a permanent hair removal. Our Laser Klinic board certified plastic surgeons and medical experts have expertise, skills and experience to perform the procedure delivering amazing results.

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